Openhabian - OH2.4 to latest milestone build - Failed Installing snmp1

what an idiot…of course…I said it myself earlier in the thread and then completely forgot to do it!


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I prefer the phrase “slow, but teachable” :wink: :innocent:

That’s being a bit too kind this time…I’ll stick with idiot! :upside_down_face:

Hey, it’s better to HAVE a bad memory than to be dead and BE a bad memory… :roll_eyes:

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Just rebooted my system for a different reason and was watching the logs…

I now get:

2020-04-27 10:34:17.740 [ERROR] [org.openhab.binding.systeminfo      ] - bundle org.openhab.binding.systeminfo:2.5.4 (263)[org.openhab.binding.systeminfo.internal.SysteminfoHandlerFactory(355)] : The unbindSystemInfo method has thrown an exception
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch

Is this a similar issue, ie just remove it from the binding in the config file, or should this be done by uninstalling the binding in PaperUI, (how I installed it in the first place in 2.4), and then reinstalling it?

I worked through the release notes and couldn’t see anything particularly related.

You should be able to uninstall from the Paper UI.
The invalid addons did not show in the Paper UI so you needed to perform surgery on the internally maintained OH files.

Perfect thanks, didn’t want to start undoing something that didn’t need undoing!

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