Openhabian on AML-S905X-CC(Le Potato)?

Has anybody attempted to make openhabian work on the le potato? With my limited knowledge it would seem like it should work if using the 64bit version but I can’t get it to boot. This question is mostly out of curiosity, I installed Arabian successfully and got openhab and mosquitto installed but I do miss the ease and convenience of the openhabian tools such as samba coming pre configured among other things. In the docs it states that it may or may not work so I thought I’d ask here!

Don’t use the openHABian image, instead use a native Debian image (pretty sure you should prefer 32 Bit)
After starting Debian successfully, install git and get openHABian via manual Download:

Please be aware that Le Potato may seem to be “just as the Raspberry” but there may be some differences, so setup a non-raspberry hardware (can be configured through openhabian.conf, which is explained in the document above)
There are some limitations, 2GByte RAM may seem much, but it isn’t.