OpenHabian onn Pi, now RFXCOM or other?

Now that I have my Pi with OpenHabian, I want to buy my first equipment. I’ve been told to start with the RFXCOM as apparently it can read multiple protocols although what I found on the web is that it only does 433MHz. Anyway, as first device I would probably want to start with an energy monitor. Any recommendations?


What you are talking about is a gateway, depending on your energy monitor technology the gateway can be appropriate or no. You have to choose the two components with the same communication techno and protocol.


I have a RFXCOM and i use it only for my somfy shutter. You can use it for many other things that communicate on the 433mhz frequentie

I have now 10 Z-wave devices whitch i control thru a z-wave usb stick

as you can see in the binding list, there are many things that you can control via openhab and some aditional hardware.

433mhz is one of the cheaper ways to go