OpenHABian Pi crashes again and again

Hey all,

I am using openHABian since 3 or 4 weeks and are very happy with whole package at all.
@ThomDietrich Thanks for the great work!

But what is driving me mad are system crashes repeating every few days. I did a clean install of the whole system 4 times because I was even not able to recover from backup images.

What happens:
The system runs nice for a given time and then starts to do unnormal things… While I am doing some configuration stuff in the PaperUI (let time setting up HomeKit integration) for example, it gets stuck and does not answer any more.

The reboot then throws many error messages. I attached a few logs, most time the issue has to do with the udev Kernel Device Manager

I exchanged nearly everything in regards of hardware:
The power supply unit, the power cable, the SD card and also the complete Raspi 3.

If I do some google searching, it sometimes says it has to do with hardware incompatibility with some modules.

I have installed:
OpenHABian v1.1, zway Z-Wave Server (controlling a RaZBerry Daughter Board), PiLight (controlling a 433MHz transmitter) and thats all.
All in the latest version.

I hope you can give me some hints… I spend plenty of hours for re-installing and debugging attempts and I am on the verge to give up :frowning:

P.S.: Also posted this to the openHABian GitHub page, not sure where it fits better…

Hello @TS-Tec,
you are the first user to experience these issues. Sadly a situation like this is always hard to debug. It would be best if you started with a fresh install and added components step by step to see which is causing the issues. You will have to replace this one. I can’t give more advice at this point. Good luck!

OK, I will go this hard frustrading way… hope to find the root cause. :S