openHABian - Restore from Backup

I used openHABian to update everything from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 and something went very wrong. After trying to troubleshoot I decided to just grab another microSD card and do a fresh install and restore from a backup. I was super pleased to find that I could rename my backup file to and put it in /boot/ and the openHABian scripts would do the restore for me. I was even more pleased when my RPi 4 was setup with all (well most) of my settings working. This was fantastic!!!

I did notice a few things that didn’t restore. I had the change the hostname from openhabian to what I had it set before, set the time zone and Grafana + InfluxDB wasn’t installed. I’m also not seeing all the smb shares and I get a message “failed to retrieve share list from server” when trying to connect. Is this to be expected or is there a bug that I should report to openHABian? If any of these are not a bugs, what are the items which won’t restore from a backup?

Thank you!

Hi Mark,

all the settings you are mentioning are related to either system settings of the Pi Linux (eg time zone) or other applications (Grafana/Influx).

Those are not backed up with the backup scripts of openhabian.

In my setup I rely on a 2 step backup strategy as I was too lazy setting up the recommended Amanda backup tool:

A) make an image of SD card after changes on the system itself (e.g. modified boot config, mount points for backup folder on my NAS). This prevents me from reconfiguring all the stuff, when the whole system crashes

B) make nightly OH config backups with cron triggering the openhab backup script an copy these backups to my NAS


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This is to be expected. What you backed up and restored is openHAB config only.
Anything else you mentioned is part of the OS configuration as are persistence data, external programs such as InfluxDB and their config.
If you want to back those up, too, have a look at setting up Amanda (in the 50’s menu).

You took a wrong turn then.
Setting up Amanda is a matter of minutes and for sure a LOT less work than to setup whatever other system to accomplish the same, let alone one to match Amanda’s capabilities.

And this is what SD mirroring (“auto backup”) would do for you.