Openhabian RPI Bluetooth Not Working Active: Inactive (dead) Solution

If your using an RPI, have installed OH using openhabian and problems getting bluetooth working, keep reading.

I have OH installed via openhabian image, running on RPI 3 B+ with SSD hard drive w/ no SD card. When I first setup the Pi with SSD I turned off everything else, Wi-fi, bluetooth, etc… out of concern there may not be enough power. The Pi has been running great, so I decided to try @vkolotov bluetooth binding. While going thru the well documented instructions (thank you for that) found here I hit a snag when trying to check my bluetooth version.


No big deal, I’ll use openhabian-config to re-enable bluetooth, wrong.:grimacing: After a few tries and reboots, the problem remained. After searching the forum I couldn’t find a solution so I started to google around. Most solutions were geared toward reinstalling your setup, something I didn’t care to do. An hour or so later, I finally had my buetooth back and working.

Here’s what I did:

Make sure openhabian-config bluetooth is not disabled (no * at #2, again in my case,:roll_eyes:) at System setting > serial port


If you make a change here then a reboot is needed.

Stop OH using: $sudo service openhab2 stop
Reboot with: $sudo reboot

Give it a few minuets to start back up then head back to the terminal and type the following.

$sudo systemctl enable hciuart

$sudo systemctl start hciuart

After that check, your bluetooth again (using sudo systemctl status bluetooth) and you should have a screen like this, minus the part where I typed bluetoothctl.

It’s ALIVE!!:fireworks:

If you’ve reached this point, I hope you found it useful.


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