Openhabian secret and uuid - despite all research

I have just put the latest openhabian from the raspberry pi flasher on my rpi 4b and am trying to set up the openhab cloud. I have the integration installed/enabled. I was able to find the secret throught the rest api options in the ui but am unable to find the openhab secret. I have found where there is a samba drive, and I can get into that as shown below. The problem is when I try to navigate to any of those folders it asks for username and password…openhab:habopen do not work here anymore. I also found a thread stating to use openhabian:openhabian…That did not work either. My question it, given these circumstances, how can I get my openhab secret? and ssh does not even allow basic functions such as ls to show directories, and running the commands found in the documentation I receive a directory not found error. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Did you by any chance ssh to the karaf console (default port 8101) instead of to the OS itself (port 22)?

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You are able to login via ssh using the openhabian account ?
sudo openhabian-config works ?
Then reinstall samba and / or set them samba password again.

It’s /var/lib/openhab/openhabcloud/secret and /var/lib/openhab is exposed as openHAB-userdata in Samba.

But as @pacive guessed already you are likely confusing SSH and Karaf console.
I suggest you make yourself more familiar with the basics before proceeding with advanced stuff like myopenhab.

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It would appear so, I am not sure how I did that. I received errors the first time like as if 22 wasn’t accessible and then read to use 8101. Ssh and cat got what I needed. Thank you for the help!

I am perfectly capable of handling this but thanks for your concerns