openHABian serial port question

Hi guys,
I need help from experts. I have a raspberry pi3 with openhabian v1.2 equipped with a PICO Ups module (in order to have a small ups in case of power failure), openhab2 and a Z-Wave.Me stick on port ttyAMA0.
Now, I’d like to update the Pico Ups firmware, as the bootloader uses the Raspberry Pi Serial Port (RS232), it is mandatory to have it free on the Raspberry Pi (without any hardware occupying it), so my question is: how can make the port free?
Since I’m using the Z-Wave.Me, the serial port is free from the console but is used by the stick. Is it correct the procedure: stop openhab2 and disconnect the zwave stick? Do I need to reboot the raspberry, otherwise the port is still in use?
Thank you for your help.

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Hey Tommaso,
I want to thank you for pointing out the Pico module, interesting product!

As for your question: As far as I understand your setup I’d say your described approach should be correct, why don’t you simply try and see what happens :wink:
I don’t think the ZWave stick and the Pico Module use the same serial port / the same /dev/tty... path. You should check that.

Hi @ThomDietrich,
thank you for your answer and for your work with openhabian.
Unfortunately, from my understanding, reading the product wiki page and the dedicated forum, it uses the same path.
I’ll give a try.

@ThomDietrich, you gave me a nice idea. The script used to update the firmware is phyton, the serial port path can be edited, so everything went well. Thank you.

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