Openhabian - Update to specific version


Question on openhabian, maybe someone can help:

As per my understanding with openhabian config tool you can only update openhab to latest version, not to a specific version.

Is there any guidance / best practice if I don’t want to update to latest version?

For pure linux installations without openhabian it’s documented to use apt-get and specify the version. Is this also safe to do within openhabian or is there anything openhabian specific, why I should not use apt-get?

I had a look in the documentation and searched the forum, but did not found any hint. Not sure if I missed something or the question was not asked before?

Thanks already for any help

This is safe to use on openHABian. It’s posted in a few places on the forum but ultimately you run a couple of apt commands to freeze the package to a specific version. Then run an upgrade which will only go up to tat specific version and no farther.

I think you are describing another usecase, where you want to update everything expect OH.

In my case I also want to update OH, but not too the latest version, but to a specific version.

However I followed the documentation and used:

sudo apt-get install openhab=xxxx

Without fixing the version, the next time you run apt upgrade, it’s going to upgrade your OH to 4.

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