openHABian v1.3 released!

A few months have passed and it’s time for a new official version of the openHABian project.

openHABian stands for a set of scripts to automate the setup and the configuration of your openHAB system (on every Debian/Ubuntu system). The openHABian project also provides ready to use SD card images for the Raspberry Pi and the Pine A64. Version 1.3 includes many improvements, bug fixes and new optional components.

Learn more in the ⇒ Announcement posting over in the openHABian thread.


Hi I all new but mk smart home is showing the way. What I like to you can I also run sonarr and sabnzbd to download to a udb HAD and also run openhab or should I have 2 raspberry pi.

I going to be using a raspberry pi 3.

Running newsreaders along with openHAB on a RPi3 should not be a problem.

You know of a video that I can watched to make this work. As I just following mk smart home. I a 1st on Raspberry Pi and openhub and Electronics to.

In this case you should start reading the basic docs:

No, sorry, but Google could be your friend.

I just worry at his way is not on Linux. Hope that’s not a dump question and you have to have Linux installed to run Raspberry Pi.

You may install openHAB on Windows, Linux, MAC OS, whatever platform supports Java:

Also read the Beginners section of the docs:

Sorry you miss what I was saying do you need Linux on your Raspberry Pi 3.

You have several choices:

If you are new to all of this you should also consider openHABian (Operating system and openHAB installation in one image): is a good tutorial. And understanding most of his stuff. I am new to all this so I want to keep it simple. But just didn’t want to buy 2 raspberries. Well I just keep download from my PC for now then I will move my newreads over laster. Thanks for your help and soon I be up and know if everything

That tutorial will install openHABian, so you should be good to go.

Yep just have to work out how I get newsreader on there