openHABian v1.7.5 32bit Can't login via ssh with default credentials


1.I flashed a new SD card with openhabian 1.7.5
2. first openhab installation seems to be fine
3. I can’t login via ssh with the default user openhabian:openhabian

Does anyone have any ideas?




let me know if “habopen” works as the password

Sorry, I reverted to 1.7 and then did the update to 1.7.5. can’t test it anymore unfortunately. This was the fastest way for me.

After a new installation of grafana and influxdb, same issue: wrong credentials.

That statement does not make sense as there is no openHABian 1.7 or any means to “revert” to an earlier version.

Whatever, I fixed 1.7.5 the password should be “openhabian” again now.

Thanks a lot Markus!