OpenHabian - where is the *.things file?

I’m using OpenHabian on a Pi, and I added a Ikea Tradfri gateway to OpenHAB via the autmoation features in PaperUI.

Should there be an entry for the Tradfri Gateway and associated bulbs in the .things file? In my </etc/openhab2/things>, I only have the readme. The things folder is otherwise empty, even though PaperUI shows the Tradfri gateway.

I’m able to control the Tradfri-associated bulbs, but I’m wondering where the .things file is?

Others who have things on their system, do you find it easier to do it manually or use the PaperUI automated things setup?

The .things file is for manually adding devices. PaperUI will not create these for you.

My personal preference is to manually manage all of my devices and items. You only have to have your OH system die once without a proper backup to realise how much time gets put into setting things up solely through PaperUI.

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For manual setup, how did you know what the ID# for the bulbs were? The 65538, 65537, 65536, etc…? Do you just try it and see which bulb turns on/off? Is there some mechanism for getting a list of ID’s currently associated by the Tradfri gateway (or other brands)? I don’t know what happens if bulbs are deleted from the gateway, re-added, etc. Is there potential for ID’s list to get spotty?

I don’t use a Tradfri gateway for anything, but see the documentation page for a couple of methods: