Openhabian without openhab

Okey, a bit odd question maybe. I have som experience with openhabian and think it is a wonderful package/os. openahabian-config with all what it gives makes it easier to maintain.

I’m planing on running a RPi zero with ser2net to move my RFXtrx433, and have the idea to use openhabian as base, but not to run openhab. I just want the benefits that openhabian gives with backup, zram and so on.

What is the easiest way do disable openhab to start on boot on openhabian?


Use systemctl disable openhab

As a Zero has very little memory you should also disable all other services you do not need (e.g. zram-config and frontail).
Only ser2net will not write to disk so you do not need zram. Do not install it (there is an option in openhabian.conf).


Ok, how about systemloggs, aren’t thous regularly written to the sd-card?

Sure but you need zram only when the application does excessive writing. Use it or not.

Okay, thanks for the info, good to know