Openhabian zwave Fibaro motion sensor

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi
    • OS: OpenHabian
    • openHAB version:1.3

I have Openhabian and razberry witch is working with my fibaro switches but now i got a problem when i tryed to add my fibaro motion sensor and get the temp out of it i added it in habmin but i get 0 in the paperui

Take a look here for how to setup items and a sitemap:

so what you mean is that i need to edit som text files? It´s not based on habmin or paperui? so i need to find what the code for temperature sensor is. i have added the fibaro from habmin. but i can´t get it to show the right temperature.

Nope, you can do it in PaperUI too.

I have added the fibaro sensor but I can’t get it too show what temperature it is and the last link you sent me have nothing to do with the fibaro and open hab I have once again succeeded to get it in to openhab and linked it but it doesn’t show temperature it just shows 0.0

No, because there is no specific device page for fibaro. You need to look for the general zwave page to find out how to do it.
Zwave has about 200 devices available, do you expect to have a setup page for each and every device?

To get the temperature working you need to have your “thing” online, it must be properly initiialized, you need to link the temperature channel of the thing to an item and then put that item on a sitemap (or use the control page of any UI to have a quick overlook).

That far i am but it doesn´t show temp.

There you have it´s linked and online but doesn´t giv any temp. i know that there is not a specific page on fibaro but i just thought that when open hub and the zwave controller finds fibaro thing the where good to goo. the fibaro switches was an eas to get working as you se in the pic!

Your screenshot looks somewhat strange, did you bind the temp channel to a switch?
You need to bind it to a number item type!


Hello again i was binding it here as this

is this the wrong way? :slight_smile:

I have never done this through PaperUI, but it looks okay.
If it does not work add a state identifier to your label:
Sensor (temperature [%.1f °C] (assuming you are on Celsius)

I tried that in paperui but dident work :confused:

Take a look in your openhab.log if you find any errors, also take a look in your events.log if you can find any temperature readings for the item you created.

Don’t forget that the FGMS only sends temperature reports if there is a bigger change (to save battery life).

Do you have any other zwave devices working without any problems? Just asking so we know where we have to start troubleshooting …

Hello again! I will try to find those logg files and yes I have fibaro wall switches that work perfectly! :slight_smile: