Openhabianpath to template

I’m working with openHAB 2.5.3 Release Build on an RaspPi- Installed as Openhabian.

I’m wondering, if it’s possible to alter the “html template” for eg. BasicUI
I think theres hould be a file with HTML code (or css) for generating the BasicUI-site.

But I’m not able to locate the path to this file(s).

Does anybody know?

Thank you!

Hi @Asus, here’s a thread you can check out for help.

Thank you.

Finaly I managed to do as described in your thread-link. (I had no examle.html in my openhabian install)
But the HTML-page is put into an iframe with fixed height. I can change the height by
Webview url="/static/test3.html" height=1
But eg for a “link menue dropdown” I have to change the height dynamicaly.

So the best way would be to design an extra template or alter (for experiment) the original one.
There for I have to know where the template is located.

But I didn’ find the path.
I searched for files, linked in the basicUI page-sourcecode. Eg “material.min.css”- not found.

Somewhere I found a note, openhab uses map.html to generate, but I didn’t find this ether on my raspPi.

You can place the file in the html directory.


Thank you!

But I don’t want to make a new file.
I want to alter the “original” file, which is used as a basis for the pages.

Where are the html, css… files OpenHAB uses? And I do not mean my files in the html folder!