Openhabianpi:9001 Will not Resolve

Im unable to get the LogViewer to resolve to my hostname openhabian:9001. If i change my hostname to 192.168.0.:9001 then it will resolve display the logs.

What am i missing so i can click the tile from the openHAB 2 start /index page? A DNS entry?

did you install the add on in paper ui? and is the host name openhabian. check openhabian-config for the config of openhabian on Rpi install

echo $HOSTNAME shows openhabianpi which matches what the logViewer tries to load. What add-on is it, i searched for log in all of them in the paper-ui but didnt see one.

http://openhabianpi.local:9001/ works for me.

That works for me, but same issue, the tile redirects to openhabianpi:9001 so i would still need to edit the url each time. Not a huge issue but want it to resolve with out me having to point to the ip or add .local after openhabianpi

make your own DNS server or add it to your host file in windows.

your browser doesn’t know where openhabianpi is. the .local points it in the direction of the local network.

That was it, i added my openhabianpi’s ip to my host file on my mac and that worked. Thanks Willem for the quick response and resolution.