Openhabianpi and zigbee2mqtt on one Pi?

Hello Community, I am relatively new to openhab and have a question. I know its not a real openhab openhab question, but I think u guys can still give me the answer:

Here in this documentation is mentioned how to install the flashed zigbee2mqtt stick:

Do i need to setup a second raspberry pi or can i use the one where i have openhab running on? I use openhabianpi. I checked in the putty console if i could do these steps and I think it would work.

If its possible, are there disadvantages? Performance issues, or something?

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I just started using zigbee2mqtt not that long ago and have been very pleased. I have read that you can use it on the same RPI as OH is running. In my situation, a second RPI was already being used for add blocking (pi hole) and this is where I install the usb stick.

You may have an issue with range or obstructions, depending where the RPI is located compared to devices trying to connect.


I actually have s second pi, but since i used that image of openhabianpi (was piece of cake) to create the basic setup, i am a little clueless what i need to install on the “empty” second pi to get it to run. Can you give me a link to the software and a tutorial to prepare it for installing the stick?

Sounds its better to run it seperately…

I am running zigbee2mqtt on the openHAB pi. Works like a charm. Range is absolutely no issue , i have plenty of routers extending the range. With zigbee, every mains powered device i have seen is a router.

If you want to use another pi, you have plenty of options:

  • install openhabian image again, but disable openHAB.
  • install Raspbian (this is what the openhabian image is based of, iirc). But be aware you should run a current stretch-based image, zigbee2mqtt does not work with jessi.
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Here’s a link scroll down to “Basic Usage” and use those four links. The link “running the bridge” will step you through setting up your other pi.

Hi @job,
I am thinking of getting a few zigbee devices, I’ll have no problems setting up zigbee2mqtt (I hope)
Can I ask what zigbee devices to you have, please?

I have Osram Smart Plugs, one Ikea 1000 lm bulb and Xiaomi Aqara motion detectors, door/window contacts, temperature sensors and buttons. I guess with the next release the vibration sensors are also supported.

You can see the exact models in my Howto thread.

I will migrate my Hue/innr/Osram/ikea bulbs from the hue bridge to zigbee2mqtt when the alert function is supported.

What is the alert function?

It is a function from the identify cluster to signal something. In the hue bridge it is called alert. I need the part to set the bulb into blinking mode for 15 seconds.

@job Is your Pi running on openhabian? If yes, may I ask, how exactly you managed to install zigbee2mqtt?

I am trying to follow the steps listed in the wiki But I am having trouble, as the user “pi” does not exist.

openhabian@openHABianPi:~$ sudo usermod -a -G dialout pi
usermod: user 'pi' does not exist

Can I simply replace “pi” here with “openhabian”?

openhabian@openHABianPi:~$ sudo chown -R pi:pi /opt/zigbee2mqtt
chown: invalid user: ‘pi:pi’

Yes I am running openhabian. The user pi is renamed to openhabian. Just exchange the name.

But make sure you are running stretch based openhabian. Otherwise you need to upgrade your install.

Thanks a lot! My installation is quite new (openhabian 1.4). So as far as I understand it should be stech based, correct?

You can check the RPI with cat /etc/os-release the output will let you know the OS installed. Yes it should be stretch.

I have mine now running on the same pi like my openhab. And now I am running into range issues. The sticks antenna seems to be to weak to reach every corner of my house on two floors.

My question:
Does anybody have a tip how to extend the range? I read somewhere else that I could integrate an Osram plug or a hue bulb as a range extender. I wanted actually only migrate my xiaomi sensors to zigbee2mqtt and let hue run seperatly, but if I move one or two devices over, would that maybe work? Or can I integrate the “hue network” to work as mash for zigbee2mqtt?