OpenhabianPi doesn't boot anymore

Dear all,

I have been using openHAB 2.4 for several months on an SSD on Raspi 3b without any issues. Suddenly the whole system crashed and isn’t able to start anymore.

When connecting a monitor to the Raspi the screen keeps black without any information. SSD and Raspi LED are blinking though.

I did another test without Z-Wave USB stick - then it works as expected. See screenshots below.

BUT when starting (a backup installation) from SD-card with Z-Wave stick connected everything is ok.

Any help would be appreciated.


I had a similiar problem with my deconz stick. I had to rebuild to solve.
I am not sure why my drive became corrupt but it did. I was running stable for several months prior.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Without the stick, it still worked for you too?

So you did a new installation?
The issue came out of the blue. Maybe due to a power outage?

Mine started to boot without the stick. When I plugged the stick in it reset. I believe the reset is what killed my drive.

I have not plugged my deconz stick in yet after the rebuild. I only have outdoor lights on it right now so it was not a priority. The stick had been plugged in for 3 days straight. I was changing a setting in deconz and it required the stick to reset that is when my pi crashed.

Ok - I see, it’s a bit different to my issue.