OpenhabianPI not installing selected package

Hi, I had an installation of OpenhabianPI running until today (but didn’t do anything with it, just an experiment I wanted to continue now), when I kind of wrecked it and had to reinstall. So I formatted the SD card and reinstalled a fresh version of Openhabian. Now though, whenever I connect to the Web UI and select the package (standard) to install, it doesn’t do anything. it only shows me a page where I can go to the log viewer or the openhabian help, but doesn’t install it. As I am still a beginner with all this stuff, I don’t really know what to do about it though, can anyone of you help me?
Regards, Hammer

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI 3
    • OS: OpenhabianPI
    • openHAB version: openhabianPI 1.4.1

You can try going to etc/openhab2/services and edit the addons.cfg file. Uncomment the package = minimal and change it to package = standard.

Example of the top section. The last line below is the one you will need to modify by removing the # and changing minimal to standard.

# Valid options:
#   - minimal  : Installation only with dashboard, but no UIs or other add-ons. Use this for custom setups.
#   - simple   : Setup for using openHAB purely through UIs - you need to expect MANY constraints in functionality!
#   - standard : Default setup for normal users, best for textual setup
#   - expert   : Setup for expert users, especially for people migrating from openHAB 1.x
#   - demo     : A demo setup which includes UIs, a few bindings, config files etc.
# See for a detailed explanation of these packages.
#package = minimal

After making the change restart OH using these commands:

sudo systemctl stop openhab2

sudo systemctl start openhab2