OPENHABIANPI\openHAB-conf & Mapped drive

Looking for a little help, I have set up a OpenHab on a RasPi3 and have had it running for a couple of years with no issues, and I have set up one Win10 laptop to connect to “\OPENHABIANPI\openHAB-conf” for editing configs via VScode and that all works fine. As I have saved that mapped directory on laptop #1.

But I’m trying to set up another laptop to connect to that same shared directory (not at the same time as laptop one) and I can’t seem to remember what user that I need to use for the login for that dir?


I’ve tried the obvious ones with no luck?

Can I look somewhere on the Pi in a config file that will list what users are allowed to connect to that share.

Thanks again for any help.

~ Bob

It’s openhabian. Default password is openhabian

If you changed the default user name and need to recover that info here’s a link that may help It will work for passwords as well.