OpenHasbian and Homematic (RaspberryMatic)

Hi there,
I’m using OpenHAB a couple of weeks now and I’d like to integrate HomeMatic Devices.
I bought an ELV Homematic Adapter (I think the correct label is HM-MOD-RPI-PCB) and tested the system with RaspberryMatic - it seems to be working fine…

But actually I don’t want to use a seperate Raspi just for Homematic. I prefer to install it on my normal Raspbian/OpenHabian System.

I experimented with Homegear and also tried FHEM that seems to have an interface for the Homematic Adapter but I can’t get it running…

Is there any solution (preferable based on a debian package) that integrates homematic on the RaspI (I’d like to have the normal CCU2 web interface) ?

thanks a lot

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openHABian works with Homegar & HM-MOD-RPI-PCB. It’s the Pi3 which requires some work due to the Bluetooth &WLAN interfaces. If you have problems here, I can check my configuration.

If you want to configure devices & direct links with WebUI-style, I suggest the Homematic Konfigurator HM-CFG-LAN for use with Homegear.

If you really don’t want Homegear or a separate Pi, you may use YAHM. But be prepared that Quickinstall messes with your system, so you should use manual install.

But i am also not sure, if that may be too much for a single Pi (openHAB + WebUI).

What do you want to do with the WebUI? I tried to programm the CCU2 via WebUI & Scripts for some time, but nothing was really satisfying. That’s why i put openHAB on top. And since CCU2 was degraded to a simple Hardware layer by that decision, i switched to Homegear completely. (I let the devices do their work autonomously as far as is possible, more complex tasks are managed by openHAB rules.)

I want my system running user friendly, without editing scripts just to add a new device.
And actually: At the moment I just want it to work… I spend hours and hours just to get it the bloody adapter running and the only thing that works so far is RaspberryMatic.
Kind of frustrating…

I’ll try this YAHM thing next…

My suggestion is to buy a second Pi and use RaspberryMatic. The energy cost is neglible, the price of a PI as well. I would have used it still if i didn’t discover Homegear and liked it. But Homegar does not come with a GUI, it’s more or less a console application/service. (GUI is in the works, but not there yet.)

YAHM adds another level of complexity, so i guess you will not be happy afterwards.

Save your time!

I agree with Joachim’s first post. I’m running the combination of OpenHAB2 + Homegear + HM-MOD-RPI-PCB for a couple of months now and were able to configure everything by clicking around in PaperUI and HABPanel. No need for programming or complicated stuff - beside editing a couple of config files for OpenHAB and Homegear, but these steps were completely covered in the documentation. So I can really recommend the Openhabian image.
The HM devices can be paired and configured using the Homematic Software from EQ3

What exactly didn’t work in your case?

Thanks, good to know, didn’t try that. I just set up the direct links, i’m paring with the openHAB app, but that requires a a few todos before.

I also still agree with my first post, but we need to know what exactly did not work. I guess it’s the Pi3 and the Bluetooth/WLAN disabling, perhaps the firmware stuff with RPI-PCB. (RaspberryMatic loads some Firmware automatically, if i recall correctly.)

The only option i do not suggest to an already frustrated user is the YAHM option. You will have the same problems getting the RPI-PCB to work, plus you have addtional stuff due to the container-stuff (Maybe evewn more because you need to forward the RPI-.PCB to the container.).

I am considering adding Homematic devices to my openhab setup. I have a spare RPI3 that I can use as a RaspberryMatic. I was also considering using Homegear with a CUL from Busware, then I could have everything running on my Gigabyte Brix with openHAB. How would you rate the Homegear software against the RaspberryMatic?

Lightweight, fast and stable. If you just run Homematic devices with openHAB, Homegear is all you need.
If you want to run Homematic IP, you need RaspberryMatic, because the HmIP protocol is closed source.