openhHABian Log Folder Samba Share

I noticed on a recent upgrade that the log folder is no longer included in the default openHABian Samba setup, and within the configuration file it says corruption will occur if the log folder portion is uncommented. My question is, does this apply to Raspberry PI installations only, or all Linux installations? I’ve setup a small x86 Linux server running Debian Buster using openHABian and would like to uncomment the log portion if it won’t cause corruption. Any guidance is appreciated.


If you don’t run zram (which is default on ARM but not x86) I think you can do safely.

Thanks. I forgot to mention I disabled zram. I’ll give it a shot.

I have the same issue. Can you please advise which ‘configuration file’ you needed to change?

EDIT: sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

The one you mentioned is correct. It’s at the bottom of the file.

Yes. Sorry for troubling you. I finally found it myself, but only after searching the whole machine (and failing) for openhab or samba until I cottoned on to smb :slight_smile: