Opening door from Android using protected button

Hello Everyone,

I have a new door lock (DanaLock v3, zigbee) which is working fine using Zigbee binding. I have a lock configured as switch.
The lock is in off state (unlocked) during the day with door closed. I can unlock it by sending off action again.
I am looking for a way to send this action from my android phone which would require some confirmation, ideally pin to avoid accidental unlocking.

I can create android widget to only unlock (open) the door, but I don’t know how to protect this widget with pin.

Currently I have lock item exposed to Google Home, which can be pin protected, but it works only as a switch. Therefore I always have to lock the door first and then unlock.

Can someone advice how I could always only unlock the doorlock from android using simple pin protected button?

If you are looking for an Android widget, your best bet will be setting up something like Tasker and implementing a pin code that way. But keep in mind, none of this is going to be terribly secure. If someone gets physical access to your phone they will be able to bypass your pin if they know what you are using.

If you are talking about MainUI, see Keypad.

Hi Rich,

thank you for the response.
I was thinking about Tasker, but didn’t know how to use it.
Is there any howto you could forward me to?

There is this mention in app reference: Android App | openHAB
But I can’t find any plugin enabling in my android app.

Other forum posts are talking about some API calls from tasker, which are probably not the Android app plugin.

Tasker is about as big and as complicated as openHAB itself. There are dozens of tutorials on the web and YouTube and on the Tasker website itself.

If you have the Android App installed, under settings there is a toggle to enable “Tasker integration”. Then when you add a task to a Tasker profile, you will find openHAB entries in the list to choose from under the “Plugin” category.

You might use the tasker part just to trigger a rule in openHAB, that could then consider some other factors before opening door e.g. is your phone really nearby/inside.

Thanks Rich, that was it. I needed to install Tasker, then the settings option was available.

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