OpenUV with http binding

Hello everyone, I
have a little problem… I’m trying to retrieve information from OpenUV (OpenUV - Global Real-Time UV Index API) via their API. I first tried with the OpenUV binding but without success, the bridge disconnects all the time showing wacky errors. So I told myself that I was going to make the requests myself thanks to the HTTP binding, I tried and tried but their API ( did not return me no, really no data!! I tried with other sites randomly and it returns their HTML code but this API does not return me anything at all while testing on online stuff like, it works fine.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Whether via OpenUV binding or HTTP binding.

Thanks in advance.

You should try the last version of the binding (v3.3) that auto-cures some OpenUV server issues.
If you still face issues with it, you’re invited to open issues in github, I will try to address.

Yes yes, I’m still looking for updates but nothing has changed for the Open UV binding, here is one of the screenshots of how I find the things.
I will open an issue on github but no further… Thanks


I have had the same issue and I quickly checked the code. One thing looks suspicious to me. It seems that any IOException put bridge to offline (TimeoutException is wrapped to IOException by the HttpUtils.), but doesn’t schedule reconnection, like it does in any other error situation, so bridge probably stays offline state forever.

Handler make query only if bridge is online

Yes, please file an issue, I’ll take care of it. Thanks for pointing it @pauli_anttila .

@sebastiencastermans seems to be offline as well :slight_smile: so I did the issue [openuv] binding doesn't recover from IOException · Issue #13124 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

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PR submitted to address this issue.


Thanks :+1: !