Openwearhermap - configurating unit for the temperature

hi, I setup the new openweathermap binding for openhab 3. I am using the one-call api configuration. There is no option for selecting the unit of temperature. I was getting the temperature in Celsius earlier but now i am getting it in Fahrenheit.

The API provides an optional parameter to select the units, but that is not configurable in the binding.

Any help with getting the value in Celsius will be greatly appreciated.


The binding uses Number:Temperature Items. You can tell it to show you Celsius by adding
" °C" where ever it’s displayed.

If using sitemaps use something like Temperature [%.1f °C] for the label. For MainUI use %.1f °C as the Pattern in the Item’s State Description.

By default, it will show the units selected under Regional Settings (click “Show advanced”) where you can choose between Metric and Imperial (US). When not overridden in the State Description or the label, that will be used as the default units.

tl;dr: the binding doesn’t have a setting because the units are handled at the Item level.

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Thanks Rich. The regional settings did the trick. I was able to get the values in Celsius once the change the unit of measurement to Metric.
Looks like i have to explore various setting options.

Thanks again.