OpenWeather Api Air Quality Widget

Screenshot 2022-05-25 084551

All of my (Kyle Mason) (mediatech15) widgets are free to copy modify and edit how you see fit. You may re-post the variants freely (an inspired by is nice)

This is a widget that shows all the stats for AQI from the openweather api. This is a simpler no frills option that shows you it all. Some features include

  • Fully responsive
  • Shows you all the stats
  • Icon ordering is reversible
    • default is full bars is good
    • reversed is no bars is good
    • color unaffected by reversing

Configuration is simple and straight forward.

I am not an expert in air quality and have set scales based on my own research and math. I am very happy to update them with better information.


Screenshot 2022-05-25 084551
Screenshot 2022-05-25 084618


Version 1.0

  • initial release

Version 1.1

  • updated config to expose background color
  • published


Version latest

Gitlab Snippet (widget code raw for karaf)

Version v1.0

Gitlab Snippet (widget code)

Version v1.1

Gitlab Snippet (widget code)

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Sorry, which Item do i have to use, with the group Item as seen in my screenshot the widget got no data.

So that looks to be the right item based on the naming. Did you create items for all the channels in the thing configuration of the Local air pollution?

The widget relies on the root item to then postpend the different suffixes for all the items that are created from all the channels. That said it also relies on the default naming of those items.

I think you are right, it relies on naming of the items. In my openhab system they are tranlated into German. Do you know what i have to do, to transform them into english?

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-06-07 22-44-05

I can look into that. Not sure if there is a localization option i can use for the string conversions. That said the quick fix is either mod the widget code to the german values or update items to english.

There is not a way for you to change the item name. The only thing you can change post creation is label and that isn’t useful here.

I solved this by creating new Items named as shown in the widget code.

Thank you

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