OpenWeather. How to store future time series data

Hi there.
The question is simple.
How to store future time series data acquired via HTTP (for example OpenWeather).
The possible input format is JSON or XML.

Store means to send future data to OH database (for example influxdb).

I checked that using weather binding is not possible to retrieve and store a series of future data.
I suppose that I should create some auxiliary item and then process this item in for loop in a rule.

Thanks in advance.

Examplary xml of weather forecast returned by OpenWeather:

I use a custom script to get weather data and then store it in influxdb. The easiest way is to use the http api influxdb provides. The unix timestamps sent with the measurements can be in the future and then you can use grafana to plot a graph. The http call can be made in a rule using the sendHttpPostRequest() function.

Sounds great. Thank you for your help.
I already use influxdb + grafana :slight_smile: