OpenWeatherMap binding issue

Hi all,

I’ve got a Raspberry 3b running openHAB 3. I have installed OpenWeatherMap binding with no issues.

The thing has been setup as text configuration, please see below:

Bridge openweathermap:weather-api:api "OpenWeatherMap Account" [apikey="APIKEY", refreshInterval=30, language="en"] {

    Thing weather-and-forecast local "Local Weather And Forecast" [ location="XX.XX, -X.XX", forecastHours=0, forecastDays=7 ]


The issue is that forecastDays seems to be completely ignored. When viewing the thing in MainUI, forecastDays is 0 and the channels are only for the current weather conditions, no other forecast days…

Has anyone else experienced this before?

Many thanks in advanced

Is anyone able to help please?

I’ve even attempted to setup the thing using the GUI and it goes to an Unknown state…