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I am trying to integrate the weather forecast into Openhab3. What is the best way to do this without clicking?
I want all the rain forecasts and temperature forecasts for 72 hours at 3 hour intervals. If I use the automatic and take everything then they all have the same name. In OpenHAB2 it was an hour of work with search and replace and done.
For me personally, version 2 was easier to use or I have not yet understood the philosophy.

OWM supports two API calls now, the old Local and weather and forecast and the new One Call API. The old API is exactly as you used OWM in OH 2.5 hand you should not have to change anything at all from your 2.5 Things. The One Call API doesn’t give you the data you are after. It only gives you the hourly forecast for the next 48 hours (according to the docs) so you’ll want to stick with the old Local and weather forecast Thing.

While the names of the Channels are the same, which is unfortunate, the Thing IDs tell you what’s what.

You can create all the Items for this Thing in one go by clicking on “Add Equipment to Model”. This will present a form where you can exclude some of the Channels if desired and to change the names and labels of any Items if needed. Once you are satisfied you can create all hundred or so Items all at once.

But if using OH with text based configs are your preference, you can still use OH 3 exactly the same way as you used to. But I can’t help with that. Even in OH 2.5 I always recommended managing Things through the UI and I’ve wasted too much time on this forum fighting with simple syntax errors to do so any more.

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