OpenWeatherMap HABpanel widget shows the sun during the night

I enjoy the OpenWeatherMap binding long time. But now my wife asked me, why there is a sun visible during the night in the HABpanel widget for the current weather. Here is an example:

Wouldn’t it be appropriate to see a moon instead of a sun at midnight? Not sure if it is a bug. Do you have feedback for my wife? :wink:

Thank you!

Hi @absalom ,

weather data and icon is taken from the openweathermap service. You can check the data and icon openweathermap provides for your location at If the Icon you see in openHAB is the same as the one shown on the openweathermap website, then it’s not a bug. If the website shows a moon icon while openHAB shows a sun icon, then there could be a bug in the binding.

Be aware that the binding fetches new data only once every hour, so the data shown on the website and the data in openHAB might differ slightly.

Thanks for your feedback Wolfgang.

The original openweathermap icon was o.k. (a moon) last night. But the openweathermap widget doesn’t show the original openweathermap icons, instead nice icons from here are used.

You can see in the screenshot above that the IconId was “01n”. According to my understanding it indicates the night, so I believe the problem is related to the widget (maybe IconId not considered), not to the binding.

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Ah, I overlooked the reference to the widget.

The widget was created by @bastian_van_h, so maybe it’s a good idea to check further at [GitHub - BasvanH/habpanel-widget-openweathermap: OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel (OpenHAB)] and probably open an issue as stated at the bottom of the page there.

Thanks again Wolfgang,

I followed your suggestion and opened an issue on Github, therefore I mark this topic here as solved.

Best Regards

I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue.

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