Openweathermap new "One Call" API

None of this is yet available in the published bindings yet.

You’ll need to uninstall the main binding, copy my jar into the addons folder - you may find the best idea is to delete and recreate your existing local weather thing to get all the new channels.

Yes and no. Be aware that a free API is restricted to 1000 calls per day (see If you want to use multiple things or combine old and new ones you should choose your refresh interval respectively.

But it now will be much better by using the One Call API because before it’s implementation the binding had to request current weather, forecast and UV Index separately.

Hi Christoph,
you are absolutely right.
But based on your current implementation of a minimum polling of 10 min, we get 144 calls per API, per day. So there’s plenty enough room for additional locations and/or APIs.

BTW: As you are the maintainer of the “offical” OWM binding, I expect you being the developer for implementing the one call API mentioned by Michael ;-). Please let me know, if you need beta testers.

I am the initial contributor of the OWM binding. AFAIK @Wolfgang1966 and @MPH1980 are working on the implementation of the One Call API. You can find a test version inside the related GitHub issue. Kudos to both of them :+1:.

Thanks for your efforts! Working fine so far with OH3.

What would be the preffered way to getting the current weather and daily forecasts now as they’re available in the “weather-and-forecast” thing as well as the “oneapi” thing of the binding? (besides location informations and ConditionID as far as I see)

Is it better to use the oneapi here, as it gets called anyway or are there any benefits using the “weather-and-forecast” part for it?

// Edit:
One thing that I noticed when I’m using the current weather informations from the onecall part of the binding is, that it returns the same values as the hour01 forecast (uncluding the timestamp) - is this by design or a bug which I should open an issue for?

What file did you use for openhab3.0 ? I want to use it to, but I only have the 2.5 jar file for this binding.

There was one linked in the github issue for this enhancement - but this isn’t needed anymore as its part of the official release now - RC2 and above should work.

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Hi all,
I read many threads about this great binding, but still not found any solution for my problem.
I need to know the last 36hours of rain precipitation.
I used to use the direct openheathermap api and parse the result myself, but i see that the binding now can call the one-call-history.
My problem is that it seems that the binding can only call the last day history (and 5 days before), not the history for the current day.
I tried to put “historyDay=0” in the things but i got the response : “historyDay value of 0 is not supported”

TLTR : How can i get the rain volume history of the current day ?
Any clue or tips ?
(Note that the API from openweathermap allow this call for the current day.)

Many thanks

Hi all,
Without response, and for those who are also interested, I just created an issue for this here :
[openweathermap] add current day in history call · Issue #10798 · openhab/openhab-addons (

Have you looked at One Call API History Data?

That is the point, only for whole day the day before (and 5 days before).
Not the current day.
I tried a lot of thing, I dont know how to get history for the morning.

Hi all,
It seems that there is not a lot of people concerned by the bug/feature I talked earlier :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I have another bug, more annoying : it seems that the onecall-history is refresh only once a day (02h05 - 02h10 in my local time). But when the refresh does not work (I guess problem with API ?) the plugin seems to not give a retry. And so I have no new data for this day.
To “force” a refresh of a history call, I have to restart the bundle in the console.
Is there another way to do so ?

Hi Fabien, I suffer from the same issue. I’ve resigned myself to accept that’s the API’s limitation. Would be great if I could get the rain for today, and, define at what time of the day it updates.

Maybe, I missunderstand something, but why don’t you just additionally use the “Current weather data” API.
It gives you the rain of today’s last 3h.
This should be sufficient, to calculate the total rain for today.

Hi @Joerg_Schreiner
I dont see how to use the “Current weather” that you mentionned for my use case.
Perhaps I am not clear with my explanations : I want to know exactly the rain volume for the CURRENT day between 00h00 and 13h00 in my example. (to decide wether mower starts or not, dry ground or not)
The native API offers this, as-is (anytime for current day).
The binding offers this for PREVIOUS days only, not current day.
Until this binding limitation is resolved, I have to use the native API call in a specific http request (onecall/timemachine) and parse myself the result… in other words all the job of the binding :grinning:
That works … but I would prefer to use the binding of course.

Hi @funcat,
could you share some more details about your workaround?
I´m facing the same issue, would like to base the decision whether my automatic plant watering should be triggered on the amount of rain in the past hours.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Alessandro
Sorry i have no access to my dev environment currently.
But I can tell you that I do a URL/HTTP request directly to openweathermap API, and I parse the result in a rule. Be carefull : when there is no rain data, the field disappears in the response (for the specified hour) > the field only appears when there is actualy rain data.
I spent so much time to understand this behavior … :upside_down_face:

Hi all,

I’m testing the “one call” API in the Openweathermap binding, and I’ve an issue with the Weather Warnings.

@cweitkamp @Wolfgang1966 @MPH1980 sorry to bother you, when you have time may I ask you to have a look at?

thank you very much, your support is really appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @ariela , may you describe the issue you have in detail?

@funcat and @flpaoli: Sorry, I somehow missed the conversation you had last summer. I can’t promise anything, but maybe I find some time to have a look at this issue also.

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oops … I was describing the issue, when magically (after few hours) the items start receiving the right values from openweathermap.

So, no issues for now. :slight_smile: Thanks for that