Openweathermap show data in timeline

How can I plot the historical data from openweathermap in a diagram? There is data for a specific hour as shown here:

I do not even know how to start.

Assuming a default new install of OH 3, link the data you want to chart to an Item.

Done. The data will automatically be saved and chartable.

You don’t need the historic channels from OWM to generate charts, just the current readings. Just navigate to the Item…

Click on “Analyse”

Those black icons at the top right let you set the time period and move backwards and forwards in time.

If you’ve put these into the model, you can get a chart of all your temperature Items (for example) on the Properties tab.

This is all there by default. If you have a specific chart you want to create, you can edit the settings for any one of these automatically generated charts (click on “controls”) and save them and they will appear on the left as a new Page. Or you can go to Settings → Pages and add a new Chart page.

Many thanks for the info.

I was not specific enough in the first thread: I want to plot the historic data.
In the next step, I try to average them to compare them to my heating data.

That’s what you see above. Here is the outside temperature for the past month.

Is this not historic data? I can go back years if you want.

As soon as you save a value to persistence, it becomes historic data. Want to know the average temp for the past week? In Rules DSL

val avg = OutsideTemp.averageSince(now.minusDays(7))

Want to show other stuff on the chart? Like I said, click on “controls” and you can customize the chart. I don’t have my heater connected to OH at the moment but here is the last week’s outside temp with the ON/OFF state of my front room light on the same chart.

Once I have the chart like I want it, I’d click “Save” in the upper right and I can return to exactly this chart config at any time.

If you want to average different Items and chart that, create a new Item and update that Item with the average. The already built in persistence will save the values as they change. Then you can add that Item to the chart.

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