OpenWebNet Alarm zone Event's timestamp feature

Hello community,

We are happy to announce of the BTicino (Legrand) / OpenWebNet binding for openHAB 4 with a new feature proposal that shows a time stamp when an alarm zone event occurs on Bticino/Legrand Alarm systems such as an Intrusion or a Tampering

Current message:
New message :

Tested on: BTicino/Legrand bulgrar-alarm unit 3486

Channel Type ID (channel ID) Applies to Thing Type IDs Item Type Description Read/Write
alarm bus_alarm_zone String Current alarm for the zone (SILENT, INTRUSION, TAMPERING, ANTI_PANIC) as well as the date and time of the event (YY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss) R

We’re ready to get feedback on pre-release feature


Note that the title of the post is what gets used as the name of the add-on in MainUI. I strongly recommend changing the title to just “OpenWebNet [4.0.0,4.9.0)” which will make it clear what the add-on is about in the name and make it only show up for those who are actually running OH 4 (that’s what that last part does).

~~The rest of the title should go into the description. ~~

Marketplace postings are like regular forum postings. They need to follow a certain format and standard to be usable by the end users.

I notice there is already an OpenWebNet binding on the Marketplace for OH 4. It is against marketplace policy to have more than one entry for a given binding. So you might need to work with @massi to determine what you have done differently and come to a way to combine your efforts.

@rlkoshak Thank you for your valuable suggestions! Good easter!
I will contact @massi to solve the issue

yes since there is already a OH 4.0 version of the binding published the Marketplace, this one should be removed.
In relation to this timestamp feature see discussion and review of PR #14743