OpenWebNet Binding - F454 ERROR IN Java $MODULE$: connection cannot be established

Hi all, i’m new here, hope you can help.
I’ve set up an openhabian on pi that works pretty well with other devices bindings i’ve like the Bose soundtouch etc.
I’ve a bticino myhome system with F454 and i’ve installed OpenWebNet latest binding via Eclipse Market which correctly discovers my F454 but then cannot establish access logging: [ERROR] [org.openwebnet.AbstractOpenGateway ] - ERROR IN Java $MODULE$: connection cannot be established
I’ve followed all instructions i found to install the binding, i’ve other apps correctly dealing with the F454 so i can tell it’s working properly.
Any ideas?

Not without more information.

Have a look on the main thread where you will find support for the binding.

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I just published new version 2.5.0.M3
See main thread for instructions.

hi @massi , i don’t find the page where can download the last version of the binding. Can you link me? In the download page i see only version [2.5.0.TESTING]. Where i an download the last version?

2.5.0.TESTING is the last testing (unofficial) version of the binding, which is not supported anymore.

The latest official version of the binding can be found directly in the official OH distribution: 3.1.0 is the latest stable, 3.2.0M1 is the latest milestone version, just released today. You do not need to download them: just select the OH distribution version from openhabian and install the openwebnet binding as you do with the other bindings.

@massi i have installed official binding for openhab3. All seems work fine, Only i not see a mode for use interface 3477. How i can read status of her 2 input? I use it for contact Door sensor.

Contact interfaces like 3477 are not supported yet in the OH3 version of the binding.
You can create a new issue here and maybe you can consider supporting the openwebnet4j lib project if you want to prioritize this development