OpenWrt integration in openHAB2

(Dirk Mean) #1

Hi all,

I made my first steps now in openHAB2 and I’m excited about how easy it works, etc.

Now I’d like to integrate more and more into it and so I’m looking for hardware I still can use (I do not yet have heater, light or shutter automation, yet because I’m still looking for the right standard for me).

I have a OpenWrt running router at home and perhaps there’s a possibility to also include it. For example ensuring internet is working, monitoring the internet speed, which devices are connected,… Just a small dashboard.

What a pitty I couldn’t find anything related to that except people installing openHAB2 on a OpenWrt router or someone who monitors his phone connection to the router. Did I overlook something?

Thanks and kind regards!

(Vincent Regaud) #2

Probably not.

Does openWrt provide a HTTP or REST API?

(Dirk Mean) #3

Thanks for your response. Good hint! Yes, there seems to be one:

Officially written by the luci (the OpenWrt Ui) developers. Then I can probably enter the data with the jsonpath addon I’m already having in use.

(Rich Koshak) #4

In addition to HTTP, if OpenWRT supports SNMP you can use the SNMP binding to get some information about the box as well.

(C. Chrobak) #5

Have a look

(Frederic Depuydt) #6

Have you been able to add your OpenWrt statistic and information using jsonpath addon in Openhab? If so, would you like to share your configuration.

Kind regards,