Option to easly get "code" of INBOX items for their attributes

  • Platform information:
    • openHAB version: 3.0.3
  • Issue of the topic: Option to easily get “code” of INBOX items for their attributes

Hello, sorry it’s my first post here and maybe I am duplicating the problem but so using OH3 is a great experience apart from a little tweak missing. So currently I need to add thing from INBOX so I can check attributes/code of it, eg. needed for Xiaomi API keys or deconz thing id, then I copy/paste setup to files and remove thing added from INBOX in the interface, with many especially deconz zigbee sensors is a slight pain in the ass and I believe should be relatively straight forward to add some “detail” button in inbox next to items to show more details about them.

You can use the REST API Docs to see the raw JSON from what’s in the inbox. Beyond that you should file an issue on the openhab-webui repo and, even better, submit a PR if you are able.

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Hi, great thanks for the REST solution… I was an idiot not checking console requests first :wink: Unfortunately, I am not a developer so can’t really submit PR but now I can easily get the details I need :wink: