Opus bridge with enocean and homegear

Hi Folks,

Because of many reasons I would like to equip my house with enocean devices from the opus greennet series of Jäger Direkt.

My searches here in the forum, unfortunately, have shown, that its currently not possible to control the opus bridge devices with openhab enocean binding🙁 for some reasons

On the other side I’ve found out that homegear has a full integration of many opus greennet devices, even without the need of the special opus config tool.

Sorry, but I’ve only found this german forum entry🙈

My idea is now to use homegear with usb300 enocean stick as a “gateway” for the opus bridges and rockers. Especially because openhabian comes allready with homegear installation routine.

Because upto now I have had no experiance either with homegear nor with enocean, I would like to get some comments here about this approach. Is it possibe or is this a dead end?

My first setup is complete and it works the way I expected.
Homegear has a very easy-to-use UI to connect enocean devices. Especially those opus bridges.
Additional work need to be done to evaluate clicked or pressed rocker switches because rawrocker profiles are not suitable for their channels.

One huge advantage of opus bridges and rockers is that they can be linked directly p2p. So there is no need to bring all rockers into openhab and they work even if OH or other services crashes.

Here is a small tip, if Homegear can not be used, a PC with Windows is available and the technology behind EnOcean is of interest:

You can connect Opus Bridge actuators to OH3 using DolphinView Enterprise. A good tutorial can be found on YouTube: How To (Part1) : Spartan Actuator Remote Commissioning 1 to 1 with Dolphinview - YouTube

DolphinView Enterprise is available for download after a free registration on the pages of the Enocean Alliance.

Hi Holger,

Thank you for the hint. I will take a look.

For the moment, the oh3 + homegear setup is quite reliable, so I can go forward and gear up my light hardware.