Oracle IoT

Dear Community,

Do you have experience with Oracle IoT, what do you think about it, and is it possible to connect between OpenHAB and Oracle IoT?

That is a business cloud solution and this software is for home use.
Supporting that service is outside the scope of openHAB design goals.

From their slick sheet they claim to support

  • Support industry communication protocols, including MQTT and HTTPS


  • Support programming environments, including Android, C, Java, and JavaScript with REST APIs

So I see no reason why OH couldn’t integrate with Oracle IoT. But, like Bruce indicates, that service is geared towards industrial and corporate users building their own automation service. So what the connection looks like between Oracle IoT and OH is going to be different on a case by case basis.

Personally, my experience with Oracle over all is pretty negative. All of their products are super expensive and they offer no more and often significantly less than other service providers do. I’ve no knowledge of this service in particular but based on my other experience, I would not consider any product from Oracle.

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