Orange Pi 5

If anybody is looking for a SBC to run openHAB, I highly recommend the Orange Pi 5. A few of the features are:

  • Rockchip RK3588S (8-core 64-bit processor, quad-core A76 quad-core A55)
  • 4/8/16/32 Gb LPDDR4/4x RAM (32 Gb not available yet)
  • M.2 PCIe2.0 interface (supports NVMe SSD hard drives)

It doesn’t have Wi-Fi, but they announced the Orange Pi 5B that will support Wi-Fi, but does not have the M.2 interface.

Here are pictures of mine with 16Gb RAM, and a 256 Gb NVMe SSD hard drive running Armbian.


It would be nice if you could describe your experiences with this board.

In my case I moved from a banana pi to the orange pi 5. 2 core → 8 core, 1 Gb RAM → 16 Gb RAM. It also supports booting directly to the NVMe SSD drive (no SD card).

Start times for openHAB (4.0.0.M1) went from about 4 minutes to about 30 seconds according to what is logged in openhab.log.


Are you running any other services on this board, or is it purely dedicated to openHAB?

Just openHAB on the banana pi and openHAB+frontail on the orange pi 5. Will probably run other services on it as well.

Cheers! openHAB must be as happy as a hippo in an ocean-sized mud pool with all that resource just for itself!

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Do you run openhab on the orange pi as openhabian Image, as Docker-Container or as baremetal installation ?

Bare metal with manual installation.