Original iPad (1)

I am wondering may be someone still using original iPad to control OH ? I am on final release of OH2.

Old version of iOS app crashes as soon as you open it. BasicUI doesn’t function properly on Safari, have to refresh page every time. Habpanel also doesn’t load.

What are my options ? I have 4 iPads I want to deploy for OH.

Came here to ask the same thing. I’ve been using the Dashing panel on the iPad 1 but HabPanel is much easier to adjust. Would like to know if there is an incompatibility, or if it is a configuration issue.

Washington wondering if you went further with that ?

I’m also intetested in reusing my good old iPad…

I also had to use dashing with old iPad and I have to say it works fine.

Hi @r27

läuft dein geschnippeltes dann über den Browser oder über eine App?


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Be carefull with old iPads, habpanel suffers with older ipads. I have several wall mounted ipads, my iPad pro and iPad mini 3 have no problem with Habpanel, the iPad mini 2 is very slow. When opening the app (which is a safari link on the desktop) it works fine but once it has gone to sleep and comes back it takes tremendously long to react, so I end up double tapping the home button closing the app and re-opening which is much faster.

So in short old ipads might have performance issues with habpanel (definitely when doing the nice charts).

iPad 1 doesn’t work with habpanel. The only reliable option I found is dashing.