OSGi based CM11a X10 driver from Bosch

In trying to find some way to integrate my old X10 CM11a interface, I read through all of the threads I could find here, and also came across this:

"The CM11A Base Driver bundle represents an OSGi based driver for managing X10 devices with CM11A controller device."

Turns out Prosyst is a division of Bosch Software, an IoT consulting & s/w arm. They’ve developed SmartHome OSGi integration middleware, including several X10 integrations.

Any chance any of the german members of the openHAB community want to contact them and see if they feel like open-sourcing / providing an X10 binding?! I can’t imagine they have much revenue off of X10 any longer, but I know there’s a number of us home automation hackers who still have X10 devices we’d like to continue using…

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