Osram Smart Plug+ automation


I have several Osram sockets, now I would like to switch them automatically.

Night table example:
When I connect my mobile phone/tablet/smart watch to the USB charging cable, the power socket should switch on, but only if the battery is under 20%, it should switch off automatically at 100% and only when I am at home.

Best solution:
Can I do this with Openhab?

Alternative solution:
If not, I can check the battery status and the USB connection via Tasker, now I only have to switch on or off the power socket with Tasker, but how do I do that?


Then get Tasker to send an http request to OH on the REST API to update your osram sockets

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This is how I did it (Thanks @ rlkoshak):

Server:Port - https://%OHSERVER:%OHPORT
Path - rest/items/ where is the name of your Item which will receive the command
Data / File - ON or what ever the command to be sent should be for your Item
Trust Any Certificate - checked if using your own server and self signed certs
Content Type - text/plain
Continue Task After Error - checked

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