OTA Flashing Of S20

Hi everyone I have decided to buy a Sonof S20 to controll my first socket I will try to flash it to OTA. (Don’t really want to open it I don’t have any of the needed tools to do it this way and safety with electrical items)

I have not done this before and don’t know where to start could you all point me in the right direction so I have got some idea of what I need to do once it arrives

Looking forward to starting this project and the learning curve

Maybe you can get some pointers here?

This is the guide I used: https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/SonOTA—Espressif2Arduino—Tasmota-without-compiling

I am a Windows only house - so I needed to spin up a VMware Virtual Machine (I used Ubuntu) on my laptop to run the sonota.py script - as this required changing the network settings between your home WiFi and a WiFi connection created by the Sonoff device.

Thanks for that I have just been looking at it there’s a lot of information in there thanks

Hi again confused I will have a read of that now

Yes I’m the same all Windows house but I do have an image of Ubuntu and a spare laptop it’s pretty simple to spin up a vm I could definitely do that

Is it possible to use a second router and not upset my home network that would be a bad thing

[EDIT] I have a second wifi ap in my house if I change the ssid ect of that it should work and wouldent mess up any routing settings


Has anyone successful updated a s20 OTA as I don’t see it listed in any documents I have been looking at

You can Download the Sonoff.bin and upload it to the s20 and update it like this.