Ouman EH-203

Does anyone experience to integrate Ouman EH-203? It uses RS-232 bus to communication.

I started developing binding to ouman. at the moment I already have a partially functional version to the windows operating system. it is also meant to work with the linux system in the future.

If anyone is interested to testing it, send me a message.

Please open a new Thread
Call it “Ouman EH-203 Binding”
Category: Bindings
Explain what you did and that you are looking for testers
Add a download link to the jar file.

I have this ouman at home too, so im very interested.

I didn’t notice your answer at all before. are you still interested? i have version for openhab2 but not yet for oh3. do you speak finnish?

Yes I’m still interested, and do speak finnish :slight_smile:

i sended you pm.

@ olliss I would also be interested in this Ouman203 integration. Do you happen to have similar integration for EH686?