Out with DarkSky in with WeatherKit

With the upcoming turn down of DarkSky, it looks like Apple is going to rebrand it and make it available as WeatherKit!

Full Rest API available

Hopefully we can get this as an option.


I doubt it. You have to have a Developer Program membership ($100 per year still?) to access the API (there is nothing to indicate that the REST API is not part of that). And by “you” it’s not just who ever develops such an add-on for openHAB. “You” means each and every user of this add-on would have to pay for their own personal membership.

Given the number of other weather sources available for free in OH, that’s a hard sell.

NOTE: I’m no lawyer but I believe the openHAB foundation paying for API access would not be an allowed expense.

Personally, I wouldn’t use this even if it were the only weather service supported by OH. When Apple shut down DarkSky on Android phones their “friendly” little message was “to continue to use DarkSky upgrade to a better phone.” F you too, Apple. I’m OK with you buying services and shutting them down, it’s your service now. But you don’t have to insult users and other platforms on your way out. I’ll go build my own weather station before I use this service. (I’m not bitter or anything.)