Outdoor CCTV / Camera

Hi all

Does anyone of you have any experince with outdoor CCTV with motion detection on OpenHAB? I would like a POE system, i think thats would be the best for me!

I have not seen anyone that has CCTV. I could be wrong, but the majority of what I have seen is IP cameras. If you are looking for motion detection, you can use something like zoneminder which will monitor multiple ip cameras and give you that CCTV feel and can do motion detection. The last time I used it, it felt kind of dated. Another option you can do is use a raspberry pi as a security camera (see the links below)

I have seen setups that just use the raspberry pi + camera with the software motion. Motion turns your raspberry pi into an IP camera but can run scripts when motion is detected. I have seen openhab integration through that to run rules / turn on lights, ect.

if you want to add some playback/recording. You can do something like this with snapshots and what not.

For another option for a CCTV setup you could install this on a linux box

I hope this helps give you some ideas and options.


Hi Peter,

did you find a solution by now? I’m also looking for a POE solution which should be easy to hook up with openhab. Need to stream/store all data locally in my network (no cloud) as my internet connection is to slow.

Would you mind sharing your solution, if any.

Thanks a lot