Outdoor IR proximity detectors 230V with openHAB comms?

I have some Outdoor IR proximity detectors that are old, broken and need replacing. They are linked to security flood lamps which also need replacing.
They are 230V.

I’d like to replace them with new ones which send a signal which I can sense in openHAB and then I can use rules to decide whether to turn off or on the lamps.
If these were indoors, I could make my own switching unit and use 433MHz or something else but these are outdoors so I’d need an extra sealed control box (not yet ruled out).

Combined IR and lamp units would be okay as well.

So, has any one any ideas?


You might want to consider Z-Wave but be aware the offerings are region-specific due to the frequencies used.
Where are you located? I can safely assume you are not in North America where I live.

I’m using various protocols already so one more is not a problem!

And thanks for suggesting z-wave. It looks like there are a few off-the-shelf solutions.

Switzerland - so generally RF etc has to be EU compliant.

Perhaps @sihui or @chris have some suggestions. Generally Z-Wave devices for a given region are compatible with any other Z-Wave devices. Chris may also have suggestions for Zigbee. He maintains both bindings for OpenHAB.

A really nice outdoor solution are these:

Providing motion, lux and temperature.
You may even use it with the zigbee binding instead of buying a HUE bridge:

Edit: here is another one (Zwave):

I don’t know of any non battery outdoor devices, though.


No, there aren’t many.

Some combined units exist.

I suppose, as I do have a Hue bridge etc, I could use the Hue Outdoor PIRs (battery operated) and Philips Hue (non-coloured) floodlights but the lamps are quite expensive and are a pain to fix up but at least I could keep my existing mains wiring and have ultimate control of where I mount the PIRs.