Outdoor "Smart" Flood Lights

I’m looking to add flood lights to the back of my home that go live as a result of detection motion. What I want is simple z wave motion detector that sends the ‘motion detected’ signal to my zwave controller and then I’ll decide what to do then. E.g., If after midnight and still dark turn on the flood lights, toggle a couple of the lights in the kitchen…etc. My question is a simple one regarding the communities experience with this application. I’m really just looking for a good outdoor rated motion sensor and flood light. Prefer they are NOT the same unit so I can place them strategically separate. Any recommendations on brands with good battery life, wide field of detection, wet rated…etc?

Thank you in advance,


I was looking for z-wave rgb flood light (without motion sensor), I saw https://www.steinel.de/en/smart-home/smart-friends/xled-home-2-z-wave.html

Maybe, it fit your requirements

I have not used these, but you could try the HomeSeer sensor: https://shop.homeseer.com/collections/sensors/products/homeseer-hs-fls100-z-wave-plus-floodlight-sensor

You can also try this do it yourself method with an existing motion light as described here: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=46367.0