Outlets in OH3

In the semantic property I miss powerOutlet.
I use some switches for poweroutlet and I can nothing equal find in semantic properties.

I see it listed on Milestone 5…

In the semantic class yes, but not in the semantic property.

I guess it you wanted a property it would be power or voltage since that is what it supplies. For instance the property of my motion sensor is presence.

But then under ‘Properties’ (Eigenschaften) the Switch ist Displayed under (Spannung) or (Leistung) what booth are wrong.

() = German

PS: Its not so important and I can live with set it to ‘none’

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The Outlet provides voltage / power / current. Do you mean the German translations are incorrect?

No, the translation is correct.
But I take now “energy” and this is OK, because voltage, power and current are all not correct for a switch.
Thanks for your help.

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