Outside WiFi weather station "WS3500" and local customized upload (no cloud needed)

Thank this helps me a lot.

You have mentioned that your weather station sends not the “elev” key.

How do you request the data/key from your weather station?
Can I just type in the browser e.g.


I would like to check what my weather stations sends out, maybe the name is not matching.
But I do not know how to read out these information from the weather station

No, you can’t. Please read the thread from the beginning (I know, annoying, if there’s info splattered across).

You have to configure the weather station in the “WS View”-App to call a certain script. It will then do that periodically - you set the seconds in the “upload interval”.

you can

  1. you can check your PHP webserver’s logfile
  2. you can edit the PHP script to write the GET-parameters in a file or something

easiest would be 1. I guess, if you know, where it is.

Also, this is, what my WS3500 aka WIFI50DD sends (Firmware: EasyWeathev1.6.4) - already converted to JSON-format

  "ID": "123",
  "PASSWORD": "987",
  "indoortempf": "78.1",
  "tempf": "84.4",
  "dewptf": "56.8",
  "windchillf": "84.4",
  "indoorhumidity": "47",
  "humidity": "39",
  "windspeedmph": "1.8",
  "windgustmph": "3.4",
  "winddir": "165",
  "absbaromin": "28.358",
  "baromin": "30.036",
  "rainin": "0.000",
  "dailyrainin": "0.000",
  "weeklyrainin": "0.000",
  "monthlyrainin": "0.791",
  "solarradiation": "577.79",
  "UV": "5",
  "dateutc": "2022-07-28 13:36:02",
  "softwaretype": "EasyWeatherV1.6.4",
  "action": "updateraw",
  "realtime": "1",
  "rtfreq": "5"

Thanks, for your tip.
I have added this to the php file:
My first php code but it works :grinning:

	// write data from weather station into txt file
	$result = array($_GET);
	file_put_contents("weatherstation_data.txt",print_r($result, true));

Here my data:

    [0] => Array
            [ID] => XXX
            [PASSWORD] => XXXX
            [tempf] => 87.6
            [humidity] => 37
            [dewptf] => 58.3
            [windchillf] => 87.6
            [winddir] => 280
            [windspeedmph] => 3.80
            [windgustmph] => 5.82
            [rainin] => 0.000
            [dailyrainin] => 0.000
            [weeklyrainin] => 0.000
            [monthlyrainin] => 0.071
            [yearlyrainin] => -9999
            [totalrainin] => 0.071
            [solarradiation] => 225.11
            [UV] => 2
            [indoortempf] => 80.8
            [indoorhumidity] => 43
            [absbaromin] => 29.211
            [baromin] => 29.716
            [lowbatt] => 0
            [dateutc] => now
            [softwaretype] => EasyWeatherPro_V5.0.7
            [action] => updateraw
            [realtime] => 1
            [rtfreq] => 5


Here my info regarding the weatherstation Sainlogic WS3500 built 05.2022.
When I look into WSView Plus app the weather station is called "EasyWeatherPro-0FDC2.1

We both have no “elev” and my “dateutc” is only a string with now.

I have created my additional data and changed the the Data to String, makes no sense but I get now all data provided by the weather station;-)

Number 					Weatherstation_lowbatt			"Batterie"				<temperature>	(gWeather, Wetter)	
Number:Length 			Weatherstation_yearlyrain		"Niederschlag/Jahr [%.1f mm]"   <rain>	(gWeatherHeight, Wetter)	
**String**  				Weatherstation_dateutc			"Uhrzeit"							<temperature>	(gWeather, Wetter)	

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I think, your Firmware has an bug with “now” instead of a UTC-timestamp!
other than that, it looks good! And beware of your skills in scripting growing over time using openHAB! :wink: